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My favorite food is the pizza of pepperoni and
pop corn...and my favorite drink is the juice of lulo and the soda(Ginger Ale). 

Volleyball is my favorite sport because is an grupe and active game 
that can be play maximun 5 to 4 players.

One of the rules are that anyone cant fight each other, it only can touch the ball 3 times and it cant touch the net.

The pocitions are that one is at the back ,center (if there are 5 people)left,right and front.

This are my favorite colors,puple,black,and white...

The big ban theory and the simpson are my 
favorite T.V shows.

The music that I like the most is Rock and Reggueton,
Bands and Singers:System of a down,Daddy Yankey,Rise againts,Don omar,Red hot chilly peppers,Alexis y Fido,
The offspring etc...

The movies that I like the most is 300, Sherlock Holmes, The green Hornet, Avatar, and Terminator 2 "judgment day".

Mrs E

Super...interesting. Remember i to spell with I


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