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Global!!! 03/30/2011
Hi 3 weeks ago I participate in the "world math day" i wasn`t good at it, thing for me that was cool is the part were you creat your avatar.

This was for Challenge 3 in the march 2011 challenge

En el colegio!!! 03/30/2011
Hola hoy en el colegio estuvimos organizando los portafolios y adivinen que....... Fue tan bacano, por que  la profesora nos dejo poner música en la clase mientra trabajábamos, después los niños y las niñas peleaban por que las niñas no les gustaba la música de los niños y la niñas de los niños....... jajjajajajajajajaja después nuestra profesora nos dijo que si no nos poníamos de acuerdo nos quitaba la música, en ese momento hicimos un orden de que una cansion las niñas y una cancion los niños. jjajajajaajajaajja.

This was for Challenge 3 in the march 2011 challenge

This was for Challenge 2 in the march 2011 challenge
My Avatar 03/28/2011
Hi i have creat my hero, it's so cool you have to creat your's now!!! You can put the colors of the cloth,the hair and choose the ability of your hero!!!!! it looks like me it haves one of my favotite colours,the hair,and the letter G because here in my familie and my friends put me a nick is Gogi.

this was for  Challenge 2 in the march 2011 challenge

The students need to visit my blog because:

·They can ask me things of me.
·If they are of my class they can ask the homeworks or other things.
·For the teacher check my spelling and correct it.

This was for Challenge 1 in the march 2011 challenge
I am very sad about what happen in Japan,it was a tsunami and a earthquake, imagine that. There are to many disaters, there are cars on top of the houses 
and  the people are looking for their families :(  :( :( :(


Weekend!!! 02/13/2011
This friday my friends Alejandro, Alan, Miguel and Daniel came to my house,
the only thing tha we do that day was to play xbox, talk, eat and see a movie. Alejandro stay three days in my house because we need to a homework. On saturday Alejo and me were 
going to see a movie in the theatres and found another friend call Mateo and he was about to buy the tickets and we told him if we can enter with him and he say yes,when the movie finish I tell my mom if  Mateo can stay in my house and she say yes, so mateo stayed ontill sunday and Alejandro too.
Today at school came a women  call Rosio that tell us how yo technology in publicity. She show us a power point presentation of how the shops of anything use publicity with tech for atracting people to bye their products. After seen the presentation she put us a work in grupes and of how we can atract people with some information that she gave us, the work was a little hard but we could finsh and I lear that making publicity is very hard.
Food recipes!!! 02/06/2011
Here is were you can write small recipes for all the
people know them,put fotos,videos, and the 

step for doing them.

Last week we work on a page call Prezi that is for making better precentations, insted of power point.
Our teacher make some grupes for investigating some information and for making the precentation of Prezi, tomorrow we are going to precent and it will be graet.

How to get to prezi: get on ( the videos and seeprecentations,next if you want to creat one only but sign up and creat can do it of what you want. the